Pre-Spring Cravings and Baked Local Apples

It’s mid-February and the chocolate distraction is over, the weather is still unpredictable, and there are signs of Spring. And those signs make me crazy for all that Spring promises, especially new food crops. In fact, since I became a Locavore, 4 years ago, it is really Spring that I find the hardest to go … Continue Reading

Risotto Revised

In the olden days, we met people through all the usual place:  through friends of friends, by joining activity groups, at work or school… Only occasionally, we would meet a stranger who didn’t cut us into pieces and distribute the paper bagged segments throughout the city (that was the story that kept this child in … Continue Reading

Chock Full of Chard? Spring Spinach is Here!

The Whole Foods Blog posted an article on Chard a couple of days ago, the title was:   “Spent on Spinach? Try Swiss Chard”. To which I replied: “Arrrrrghhh!” When I say I love Whole Foods, I mean that I love the shopping experience that I get. It is never too crowded, I never wait … Continue Reading

Salad Lyonnaise, my version…

In 2004, I spent a semester at L’Ècole des Beaux Arts de Lyon, learning about art, food and an appreciation for a slower life. Two hour lunch breaks allowed for farmers market visits and a cooked mid-day meal. Expensive, quality produce trained me away from pre-package foods, and living in my studio apartment, one that … Continue Reading

End-of-the-Month Lunch

Always interesting are food trends. It seems like food prepared in such a way comes from nowhere, and within minutes it’s everywhere. Think of Yam Fries, Grilled Polenta or Balsamic Reduction, for example. Often, these new treats are resurrected recipes and ingredients that were for eons, among the cultivated connoisseurs, considered to be too common. And … Continue Reading