A New Community Market Scheduled to Open in Kits – Looking for Community Input

View Larger Map   Here is your chance to have your say! This notice came through my inbox today, and since it’s in my hood, I am particularly excited: Once a week this summer, a stretch of sidewalk in Kitsilano will be transformed into a community food market. Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (KNH) and the Society … Continue Reading

“Remember, your words can change the world”

I am a language geek. I love finding just the right word and understanding its meaning within the context of certain disciplines. I love that there are differences, that the same word in the same language can have different connotations in different contexts. I love the slippage that happens during translation. I love puns. But … Continue Reading

Pre-Spring Cravings and Baked Local Apples

It’s mid-February and the chocolate distraction is over, the weather is still unpredictable, and there are signs of Spring. And those signs make me crazy for all that Spring promises, especially new food crops. In fact, since I became a Locavore, 4 years ago, it is really Spring that I find the hardest to go … Continue Reading

Paderno is Canadian!

Wow, I am truly shocked. I have been using Paderno products for years and had assumed they were an Italian manufacturing company. Wrong! When I saw the 76% off deal on Amazon, I just had to do a little post, and that required a little research, and here I am, gobsmacked. True, this is not … Continue Reading

Risotto Revised

In the olden days, we met people through all the usual place:  through friends of friends, by joining activity groups, at work or school… Only occasionally, we would meet a stranger who didn’t cut us into pieces and distribute the paper bagged segments throughout the city (that was the story that kept this child in … Continue Reading