1 orange in 1950 = 8 oranges Today

One of the ways I have justified my commitment to buying organic, small farm, local produce is because:   a) I can verify its origins, and how it was grown because most of the farmers market stalls are run by farmers or farm workers. They are there so that I can ask the big questions. … Continue Reading

Chock Full of Chard? Spring Spinach is Here!

The Whole Foods Blog posted an article on Chard a couple of days ago, the title was:   “Spent on Spinach? Try Swiss Chard”. To which I replied: “Arrrrrghhh!” When I say I love Whole Foods, I mean that I love the shopping experience that I get. It is never too crowded, I never wait … Continue Reading

Salad Lyonnaise, my version…

In 2004, I spent a semester at L’Ècole des Beaux Arts de Lyon, learning about art, food and an appreciation for a slower life. Two hour lunch breaks allowed for farmers market visits and a cooked mid-day meal. Expensive, quality produce trained me away from pre-package foods, and living in my studio apartment, one that … Continue Reading

And the Winter Market Closes

It’s a sad state of affairs, but not really…the winter market that has been operating at the Nat Bailey Stadium is officially closed for the season, to be replaced by a plethora of Summer Markets. Offhand, you can find one in Kits, at Trout Lake, in Gastown and I hear there are some new ones … Continue Reading