End-of-the-Month Lunch

Always interesting are food trends. It seems like food prepared in such a way comes from nowhere, and within minutes it’s everywhere. Think of Yam Fries, Grilled Polenta or Balsamic Reduction, for example. Often, these new treats are resurrected recipes and ingredients that were for eons, among the cultivated connoisseurs, considered to be too common. And … Continue Reading

Ode to Rhubarb

I have heard on many occasions the complaint that shopping at the Farmer’s Markets in Vancouver is too expensive. I have to agree to some extent, there is a cost for buying quality food, and two of the tricks is to stick to the fresh produce and order in bulk. For example, today I bought … Continue Reading

Earth Day, a great day to begin…

I grew up with an Italian Mama, whose hobby it was to read recipe books and collect recipes from magazines and newspapers. For her hobby, my Mother sits in her chair, a pile of magazines to her right of her, clippings to the left, the rejected carelessly tossed straight ahead, and all-the-while, her hands constantly … Continue Reading